27 April 2021

Żebrowski: biotechnology addresses the key problems of humanity

Investing in biotechnology is talked about a lot and often. But what is the real potential of this industry? Our expert Grzegorz Żebrowski answered this and other questions during Central EuropeanBioForum.

According to Żebrowski, biotechnological projects have an exceptionally long path to market entry. In their case, we can talk about a “zero-sum risk”. Drugs “are eliminated” even in phase 3 of clinical trials. At the same time, you can earn 10x (or even 100x) on a single project. Although the market has high barriers to entry, it is global and enables rapid commercialization of the finished product.

“Biotechnology addresses the key problems of humanity”, emphasizes Żebrowski. What are the investment opportunities in biotech projects in Poland? The WSE and New Connect, as well as the private market (including Venture Capital). PitchBook identifies over 250 life-science and health-tech companies in Poland. “More and more are obtaining VC funding”, says Żebrowski.

He notes, however, that several biotech projects in Poland are simply not visible. Either they have not yet emerged from the university or research phase, or they have entirely private funding and focus exclusively on R&D. Is something missing? Yes, large pharmaceutical companies with portfolios of original drugs. They could shape the ecosystem, jobs, distribution channels, international network, and the capital which knows the specifics of the market.

Watch the video: https://bit.ly/3aHCLWI