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We invest in tech scale ups with a verified business model, ready for geographical expansion. Together we work towards building their worth.


Nethone is developing technology that combats payment fraud online – using its original Know Your Users (KYUTM) user profiling solution.

ARIA Fund invested in Nethone in 2021.

Our real-time KYU profiling technology gives you access to insights into what’s really going on with your device, how it interacts with your platform’s servers and, just as importantly, how the user themselves behave: how they press keys, move the mouse, hold the smartphone (thanks to gyroscope or accelerometer readings) and type on it. Importantly, we never affect the customer’s final experience with the site because we are invisible to them. We also do not violate user privacy due to the low-level nature of the data we analyze.

Aleksander Kijek, CPO Nethone.

Sundose offers personalized dietary supplements composed based on user’s lifestyle, health or habits data. Sundose’s vitamins and minerals, available in daily portions, are changing the concept of supplementation – previously mass-produced, today – individually prepared.

ARIA invested in Sundose in 2021.

Our mission is to provide customers with the unique supplement formulation that completely matches their individual needs. We achieve this through our proprietary personalization engine, which tailors the ideal combination of nutrients for each customer based on the latest nutritional research.

Michał Gołkiewicz, Co-founder Sundose

Inuru develops the technology of printing ultra-thin OLED screens that react to touch and sound. They can be integrated with any surface: packaging, posters, leaflets, books, clothing and electronic devices. It is made of organic and easily available environmentally neutral materials. The company’s customers include, among others, Coca-Cola.

ARIA invested in Inuru in 2020.

We decided to work with ARIA because of its practical and entrepreneurial hands-on approach. ARIA team is extremely motivated to act, wisely uses the methodology and tools it has developed. This creates a win-win situation.

Marcin Ratajczak, CEO & Founder Inuru

Senuto is a B2B SaaS company, that supports SEO / SEM activities of its clients. The company’s algorithms allow for data analysis of up to 19 million phrases per week. Senuto helps to optimize the content planning process on the website and tracks the interaction between the company and the customer during the purchasing path.

ARIA invested in Senuto in 2020.

We have recognized ARIA as a partner who approaches the investment very seriously. As a part of the multi-dimensional investment process, we had the opportunity to rethink and redefine our development strategy. We believe ARIA will support us in developing our international expansion strategy.

Damian Sałkowski, CEO of Senuto

Software Development Academy (SDA) is a leading company in the programming bootcamp market in Central and Eastern Europe. SDA conducts programming courses for individual clients, companies and institutions in Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Albania, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain and Ireland. In 2018, SDA trained 1,500 programmers. In the following years, the company is planning further international expansion and development of the offer.

ARIA invested in SDA in 2019.

ARIA invested in us in 2019. We plan on further developing our international expansion strategy and diversification of the business by launching online services. According to conservative estimates, we have a chance to double our revenues this year.

Michał Mysiak, CEO of SDA

Livespace is a CRM tool operating in a SaaS B2B model. Livespace increases the productivity of its customers’ sales teams. The tool supports their work by repetitive activities automation. The creators of Livespace assume further technology development in the field of sales process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

ARIA invested in Livespace in 2017.

ARIA supported us in 2017. We invested the capital in the development of technologies in the field of sales automation, advanced reporting and integration, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Michał Skurowski, CEO of Livespace

SURVICATE is a tool operating in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model used to collect information about its clients’ customers and ideas for improving websites. Polls can be distributed through websites, by e-mail or through mobile applications. SURVICATE users are located in over 70 countries, with the largest group of customers in the United States. SURVICATE’s customers include companies such as T-Mobile, Nationale Nederlanden, WeWork and Pipedrive.

ARIA invested in SURVICATE in 2017.

ARIA invested in SURVICATE in 2017. Since then, the company’s revenue has increased several-fold. We used the capital obtained from the investment for product development, including the possibility of conducting surveys in mobile applications, and we also invested in new sales channels and expansion of the team.

Kamil Rejent, CEO of SURVICATE


SYSTEM 3E is a technology company revolutionizing the cubature construction industry. This game-changing technology is based on a unique and patented Polish product – 3E perlite elements, called new-generation ceramics, which enable mortarless, LEGO-like wall construction. Applicable in all weather conditions and any climate zone, 365 days a year. SYSTEM 3E is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and cost-efficient. It speeds up construction process, thus saves time and money. Furthermore, 3E walls do not require insulation, leading to reduced usage of harmful, oil-based materials.

The technology we have implemented changes the paradigms of construction that have existed for centuries. We see great potential for the development of SYSTEM 3E abroad. Together with strategic advisors, we have developed a strategy for entering selected markets, i.e. Germany, Scandinavia, and the USA. 

Piotr Budnik, Vice President SYSTEM 3E

DOM 3E provides comprehensive house construction service in SYSTEM 3E technology – a revolutionary seamless construction technology based on natural perlite. Under the slogan “Home without worries”, the company carries out an architectural design, prepares documentation and supports clients in obtaining permits and financing.

DOM 3E is a comprehensive service for the construction of single-family houses. We implement projects based on the revolutionary SYSTEM 3E technology – based on natural perlite – without the need for mortar or insulation. Thanks to the unique properties of the product, our houses are economical, ecological and energy-saving.

Karol Wielczyk, Project Manager

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