11 February 2021

The most important trend in customer services according to Livespace

Year 2020 forced entrepreneurs to introduce quick changes in many business areas. These pertained to modification of work modes, communication tools used, as well as customer service strategies. The portal klientnaszfan.pl asked experts what they considered to be the biggest customer service trend for year 2021.

Łukasz Kupiec – Head of Customer Success at Livespace – shared his reflections on the subject. He points out that transformation of work organization was not a temporary change, and in the times of the pandemic, managers tend to exercise stricter budget control and are more eager to monitor profitability indicators and work quality. As a result, development of scaled processes and building of proper teams gain importance.

Taking into account the fact that in this period of popularization of remote work we are more eager to hire specialists regardless of their place of residence, I believe that in 2021, we will be dealing with a trend of development of smaller, but better organized and qualified teams responsible for broadly understood customer services. On the one hand, support will be more automated, on the other – it will have more of a ‘human face’ at the expense of such solutions as chat-bots”, Kupiec adds.

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