03 August 2022

Survicate leads G2 report in 3 categories

Investment firm ARIA invests funds in companies operating in the B2B SaaS model, which show above-average ability to generate growth.

One such company was Survicate, an innovative Polish company providing specialized tools for collecting qualitative feedback from customers.

Five years after investing in Survicate, the company’s growth rate is still at a very high level. The company closed another round of financing in August 2021, allowing it to maintain its high and effective growth rate.

What has changed since August 2021?

The company has expanded its customer base by about 40%.

The company won the title of Leader in 3 categories of the report of the largest US software marketplace G2

Consistently executes the plan presented to investors and efficiently delivers what the market expects.

We congratulate the excellent results of Survicate CEO Kamil Rejent and all employees of the company.