12 April 2021

Sundose announces international expansion

“We are recording regular business growth, which means winning over investors and regularly raising further capital for development,” says Michał Gołkiewicz, co-founder of Sundose, a new ARIA portfolio company. He announces international expansion in Puls Biznesu.

Sundose is a D2C e-commerce platform offering personalized dietary supplements. Today the company primarily serves Polish customers but has already become active in the UK, Germany, and Italy. “The company serves almost 10,000 customers per month and its annual revenue amounts to around PLN 10-12 million.” – reports Gołkiewicz in the article. “Sundose sells exclusively online, but does not rule out other ways to reach customers in the future,” adds Puls Biznesu.

Sundose raised USD 6 million in the last round of financing, in which ARIA participated together with Atmos Ventures, DX Ventures, Investible, and Polipo Ventures. This capital will be used for international expansion. “The company may benefit from the fact that personalization in the selection of dietary supplements is a novelty also abroad, even in Western Europe,” – Puls Biznesu notes.

In addition to entering foreign markets, Sundose’s main direction of growth is to focus on the key aspect of the product, which is the personalization engine. The company plans to incorporate medical diagnostics into customized compound formulations. It is also working on an interface for mobile devices. Thanks to this interface, a customer will be able to modify the recipe by updating their medical history with just their mobile and a few clicks.

More in the Puls Biznesu article under the link.