26 May 2020

Spot the Trends 2020

Today, we participated in an event summarizing several months of cooperation between Google for Startups with Polish funds on analysis of the most interesting phenomena on the Internet. Our work has resulted in preparation of the report entitled Spot the Trends 2020, which gathers the key conclusions on the most popular phenomenon.

What have we found out? Digital transformation has been a topic for a long time; however, this year’s pandemic has greatly increased its pace and range. Changes have been visible in almost all aspects of lives of individuals and have exerted increasing impact on companies. The information revolution is leading to a dramatic change in the individual awareness levels. This is true in particular for the so-called wellbeing – a healthy lifestyle, emotional health and nutrition. We are increasingly eager to use digital financial solutions as well in such areas as savings, investments or insurance.

In the context of communities, such as family, we have discovered that maintaining relationships despite the distance (e.g. caused by quarantine) is becoming simpler and easier, as it is even possible to participate in a wedding via a video conference. Another aspect of changes in the circumstances of households is the gradual shifting of purchases to the Internet, and in the situation of increased demand for e-grocery services – growing interest in stores specializing in various categories. Referring to communities, it is necessary to mention gamers as well. Games are no longer treated as entertainment, but as a marketing channel of growing importance due to its scale. The global society is regularly developing its knowledge and awareness, which is proven by visible increase in popularity of online education and remote university studies. Moreover, an increasing number of people is starting to be aware of the condition of the natural environment, which is proven by growing popularity of topics related to closed circuit economy.

On the other hand, in the world of business, the era of offices is coming to an end. Remote work, online meeting and collaboration tools make it possible to work from any place in the world. The report, which we have created together with Google, provides valuable information for investors, at the same time being an interesting account of today’s world.