14 August 2019

SDA is implementing another training program – Pekao TechLab

The Software Development Academy (SDA) will train 15 people for Bank Pekao. Graduates of the course will be able to immediately start working in the systems development department at the Pekao headquarters in Warsaw. They will deal with programming new functionalities in electronic and mobile banking applications, informs “Puls Biznesu” (Business Pulse).

The training is intended for students or people with technical higher education and experience in programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The costs of the exchange rate are covered by the Bank. – Pekao TechLab is on the one hand a response to the current situation on the labor market, and, on the other, an attempt to shape trends in this area. The project can be an interesting alternative to recruitment processes and an opportunity for young people to enter the IT world for longer, says Olga Przeździak from the recruitment and image management office of the employer at Bank Pekao.

This is not the first corporate customer of SDA, similar training has already been carried out for e.g. Nordea. Every day, the company implements its own programming courses, which have already been used by about 5 thousand people in Poland and over 1,000 in Europe. The SDA focuses on international expansion and saw an opportunity in the Islands, where the current situation mobilizes Poles living there to develop their skills and raise qualifications. – We have found that many Poles living in London, fearing the effects of Brexit, are already looking for opportunities to broaden their professional competences, including for programming skills. They will be their advantage in recruitment talks, regardless of whether they decide to return to Poland or stay in the UK explains Michał Mysiak, SDA CEO in the article.

The full article can be found under this link.