22 June 2020

SDA beats the world’s giants!

An ARIA portfolio company with yet another success to enjoy. Software Development Academy has been awarded a contract worth many millions of zlotys, which will allow it to enter the Albanian market with its training program. It competed for the contract with the giants of the industry, including General Assembly, according to Business Insider.

Conducting trainings in Albany may seem not a big deal – however, it is one of the biggest projects of this type implemented in the country. The European Commission estimates that economy of the Old Continent may need 1 million new programmers until the end of year 2020.

Piotr Mazur (VP SDA): “Our expansion direction is far from traditional. Our very presence in the country is a rather interesting phenomenon. We have been chosen among programming academies by the Albanian-American Development Foundation, which is the operator and distributor of USAID (United States Agency for International Development) funds, aimed at modernizing of the Albanian market and improving its potential. AADF brings to the Albanian market the verified European concepts, which have a social impact.

According to SDA, their partner is to provide access to training space in cooperation with the authorities of Tirana and Protik – a NGO, which is a local technology hub. It is supposed to be sort of an investment incentive, as the laboratories, in which programming classes will take place, are located in a state-of-the-art building in the heart of Tirana. Moreover, the Albanian-American Development Foundation will refund a substantial part of the training costs on behalf of new participants.

This means we are entering this undiscovered market rather comfortably, which allows us to focus on the most important thing – the success of our graduates”, Piotr Mazur says.

Michał Mysiak (CEO SDA): “We can see that we have got past the stage of convincing people that programming can be learned even if you have no experience. Right now, we are introducing a premium product in our offer. Those will be the so-called full immersion courses – eight hours per day with a mentor, dedicated separately for each person. First, we will choose the individual learning path to make sure every participant gets an equally strong motivational support later on, as it is very important in the learning process. This is the top global standard in modern technological education. We are very proud of this product.

Software Development Academy is a Polish training company – the biggest in this part of Europe – established by Michał Mysiak and Piotr Mazur. It provides learning courses in 35 cities of 11 countries. It is estimated that the company has a chance of closing the value of revenues in the Old Continent at the level of PLN 28 million – which is ten times higher in comparison with year 2018 (PLN 2.3 million). Domestic sales of training courses have also grown and may come close to PLN 40 million this year.