05 June 2020

Puls Biznesu on the “shining” investment of ARIA

The Friday issue of Puls Biznesu contains an article of the biggest investment of ARIA so far, which is also the first investment abroad. “What counts in marketing is… visibility. In order to meet this prerequisite, INURU, a high-tech company of Berlin, has decided to use new technologies”, we read.

INURU is a German company with Polish roots. Its founders, Marcin Ratajczak and Patrick Barkowski, have patented an OLED technology, allowing for generating light so thin it can be integrated with any surface: packaging, posters, fliers, books, clothing and electronic devices. The technology responds to touch or sound.

Companies of the printing and packaging industries have already become interested in solutions offered by INURU. These include All-4-Labels, Eberl Print, Prillution and Karl Knauer, as well as global corporations, such as Coca-Cola.

Georgi Blaskov (MD Coca-Cola Bulgaria): “Together with INURU, we have prepared the first Christmas Coca-Cola bottles in history with an illuminated logo on the label, which became Christmas presents for employees in Central and Eastern Europe. The second project was related to partnership with Disney. This time, it was cooperation on a much bigger scale. INURU company is brave, flexible and it adapts quickly to new projects.

According to Marcin Ratajczak (INURU CEO and Founder), every breakthrough technology must feature comfort of use. Its developers have to overcome the barriers related to unit production cost and investment expenditures. “It took us eight years to work on this. We succeeded”, says INURU head, who develops his business in cooperation with Patrick Barakowski.

Dariusz Lewandowski (CEO ARIA): “The value of the global market of intelligent electronic packagings is USD 55 million. In 2030, it will be USD 895 million.

INURU was established with financial support of the Polish angels of business, and thanks to PLN 10 million obtained from ARIA, the company will have the chance to adapt its solutions to the needs of other industries, to increase production and expansion on new markets. The company will be searching for clients in Central and Eastern Europe as well, including Poland. It has already commissioned some of its production in Poland.

Interestingly enough, the founders of INURU have Polish roots – their parents emigrated to Berlin in the 1980s.  Marcin Ratajczak had two companies in Poland – production of recreation boats and headhunting for professionals on behalf of German companies. ARIA Private Equity, on the other hand, has the following Polish companies in its portfolio: Software Development Academy, Livespace, Survicate  or Senuto. The Fund managers have also decided to commence independent commercialization of the house construction technology, bought from Polish scientists, which does not require use of mortar, known as the 3E SYSTEM, in which a Polish soccer player, Grzegorz Krychowiak, has invested PLN 5 million. The transaction with INURU is a component of the strategy of expanding investment activity to the markets of Central Europe, Scandinavia, Germany and Austria.