03 February 2020

Puls Biznesu: “ARIA Investor will resound in Europe”

“ARIA Private Equity started 2020 with a new strategy and hope for international success,” reports Puls Biznesu on Monday. “The company goes abroad, formally as Aria Private Equity. Aria hopes that in 5-7 years it will manage capital of up to PLN 1 billion,“  it adds. The article includes statements by Dariusz Lewandowski (CEO), as well as Katarzyna Kolmus (vice CEO) and Piotr Budnik (vice CEO).

ARIA enters a new decade with a new strategy, in which the pillars are: expanding operations to the whole of Central Europe, Scandinavia, Germany and Austria, acquiring foreign institutional capital, including funds of funds and Western European family offices, acquiring a team professionals with international experience.

Dariusz Lewandowski (CEO): “We have expanded our operations to markets in which the share of the digital economy is about 7%. We are looking for technology companies with exposure to the categories of deep tech, software as a service and broadly understood digital transformation. We are also interested in digitizing traditional sectors of the economy, such as industrial production, consumer goods and education. “

Katarzyna Kolmus (vice CEO): “We see huge potential in the markets of Central Europe, including Germany and Austria, as well as in Scandinavia. In our investment policy, we focus on strategic development. We have developed a set of methodologies for pre-trade analysis and post-trade support. We cross competences within portfolio companies. We have a ready pipeline and regularly identify market opportunities. We work with experts from various fields. We are conducting advanced talks with, among others, technology companies from Germany. We will inform you about these investments soon.”

Private Equity has joined forces with the ARIA name, which proves the ambitious plans of managers managing the company. Today, as part of its activities, ARIA finances growth companies (at the growth stage) based on private capital and it will soon also finance buyouts (the so-called buyout stage) for institutional capital.

As a result of implementing the new strategy, within 5-7 years, ARIA Private Equity should manage capital worth PLN 1 billion.

Piotr Budnik (vice CEO): “We know what it is like when starting from scratch. We also know how hard work needs to be done to get where we are today. We also understand that a billion under management in 5-7 years is a very ambitious goal, especially on the Polish market, which is why we are fundraising in other countries. Of course, gradually, with humbleness and a vision of very hard work every day.”

Recently, the ARIA Private Equity team was joined by: from the CEE Equity Partners fund, Grzegorz Żebrowski, from the London office of EY and Lloyds Banking Group, Maciej Kania, from Deloitte, Ewa Rudnicka and Magdalena Jończak, who became a member of the supervisory board at ARIA Private Equity.

The portfolio of ARIA Private Equity has Livespace, Survicate, Software Development Academy, Senuto, and is negotiating another two transactions. ARIA Private Equity managers have also built the breakthrough System 3E technology rom scratch that is revolutionizing the house building process.

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