16 March 2021

Parkiet: selecting an SEO agency has never been so easy!

“With the end of 2020, a brand new tool has appeared on the market. Thanks to it in order to find a specialised SEO agency you just need to fill out a simple form. We are talking about the new project of the Polish company Senuto – SEO Match,” Parkiet writes.

SEO is a branch of marketing that is closely related to its other areas. Its scope includes not only optimisation of website content and code, but also a detailed audit of the website, link building, or PCC marketing. As a result, SEO suppliers have to provide a holistic approach to positioning and thereby adjust the offer to the ever-changing market.

Positioning is a lengthy and labour-intensive process. A thoughtful selection of an experienced SEO agency will help avoid mistakes in the structure or code of a website. Senato, ARIA’s portfolio company, provides SaaS software to support SEO and SEM activities. Senuto’s experts, who provide and develop SEO analytics have created a tool that impartially, objectively, and independently matches agencies to a client’s budget and needs.

“The algorithm draws information from a database collected by Senuto. The database contains millions of domains and keywords segmented into 403 thematic categories. This gives SEO Match access to the positioning performance metrics of SEO providers using the Senuto tool.”, Parkiet explains.

After filling in a short form, SEO Match selects 3 reliably verified agencies, with at least two years of experience in the market, free of charge.

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