02 September 2021

Michał Gołkiewicz, CEO of Sundose, in an interview with My Company Polska

Michał Gołkiewicz, CEO of Sundose (personalized dietary supplements), ARIA portfolio company, talks to My Company Polska about the beginnings of Sundose, the clinic for athletes, and the personalization trend.

Why is Sundose so successful?

We’ve taken advantage of the e-commerce trend, hyped by the pandemic. Secondly, and more importantly, people are trying to live healthier lives and are becoming more conscious. Consumers want personalized products or services but don’t like to spend too much time on them. Sundose fits perfectly into these needs.”  says Golkiewicz.

According to Sundose’s CEO, it is personalization that plays the most significant role: “For example, let’s look at Spotify or YouTube, which offer playlists specifically for us. Technology already makes this possible. As we work with more accurate data about users, we can understand their needs and expectations more easily“.

There is increasing pressure on the supplement market. The supplements need to be better and more effective” says Golkiewicz. “Previously, it was a commonplace practice for manufacturers to provide products which were simply of poor quality. This situation is changing. As the industry regulates itself more thoroughly, companies want to be fair to customers. We truly support this trend because transparency is the key.” he concludes.

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