20 May 2021

Marcin Ratajczak, CEO of Inuru, in an interview for MyCompany Poland

What do Angelina Jolie, Kurt Cobain, and Harry Potter have in common? We recommend you to read a fascinating conversation between Marcin Ratajczak, co-founder of Inuru (ARIA’s portfolio company), and Kuba Dobroszek at MyCompany Poland.

Inuru is a manufacturer of ultra-thin OLED screens that respond to touch or sound. They can be implemented on various surfaces, e.g. on the packaging. Among the company’s clients are global brands, including Coca-Cola.

“Coca-Cola is a super-innovative client, open to new ideas. But working with such a big entity is like starring in a movie with Angelina Jolie,” says Ratajczak. “When you performed so well, it seems to everyone that you have already achieved practically everything. Nobody invites you to castings because the producers think they can’t afford you. We are in the same situation. Running a company is like steering a ship through very wild waters”. he adds.

The conversation focuses on a variety of topics: from the idea for Inuru, which was born in… a sushi restaurant in Berlin, through the laborious process of building the business, to the great market opportunity facing the company. “The current crisis (related to the pandemic) is changing people’s perception and behavior. There is a high level of fear in companies. Sales cycles have become much longer, although I have to admit that the number of requests for our technology is growing steadily.” Ratajczak notes. He adds that various industries, such as clothing, automotive, and medical, are showing interest in Inuru’s solutions.

Full interview at the link.