24 March 2021

Kamil Rejent in an interview on Sadowski’s YouTube channel

Kamil Rejent, CEO of Survicate, gave an extensive interview to Michał Sadowski, creator of the Brand24 tool, as part of a series of conversations with the most important figures of the Polish technology scene.

“Survicate is a global business with hundreds of clients from dozens of countries. Run 100% from Poland,”  says Sadowski introducing the start-up.

The interview covered a wide range of topics related to Survicate’s business: from how the start-up acquired its first customers to the company’s current results.  Dynamic growth has provided Survicate with revenue of $2.8 million in 2019 and over $4 million last year. Currently, Survicate boasts eight hundred customers, generating $148 ARPU. The company’s current monthly revenue reaches US$100,000.

“We offer software for surveying customers, collecting feedback on products, services, and websites. On a broader spectrum we offer comprehensive and flexible software for surveying customer experience, their opinions, and needs at different stages of their lives,” explains Rejent.

With Survicate, customers can create surveys tailored to their needs and preferences to get product feedback on its user reception with suggested changes and improvements. It is worth mentioning that Survicate has already launched a global version of the tool, offering the product to the whole world.

Click to go to Michal Sadowski’s YouTube channel to watch the entire interview.