19 January 2021

Kamil Rejent, CEO Survicate in the interview for MamStartup.pl

From corporation to own business How Kamil Rejent established a company generating 100 thousand USD of MRR? CEO Survicate has revealed the details of his professional career in an interview for MamStartup.pl.

The career of Kamil Rejent, CEO Survicate, started when he was still a student – he was hired as an assistant in Samsung company. In the subsequent years, he become a Product Manager. Asked why he decided to start his own business, he says: “I have always wanted to get something of my own, I didn’t feel too comfortable working in a corporation. … I am a rebellious and open person; I find it difficult to hide mi irritation, so I was sort of pushed by the life circumstances to start on my own. Sure, I had some concerns, but I felt I had to try.

Survicate has generated profit at the level of USD 100 thousand MRR, 60% of which is made by services sold in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Why the company, based in Poland, is more recognizable abroad? “From the start, we have communicated only in English, so it is rather difficult for anyone in Poland to find us using the browser (unless they are looking for the brand. We are not very active in the start-up, marketing community, we don’t attend the events, because this is not our channel for acquiring clients. Poland is a rather small market for our services, most of our target markets are English-speaking countries, and we focus on them”, the Survicate CEO says. Asked about the plans for the new year, Rejent says: “Our aim is further constant growth. … During the last company presentation, I said what we were supposed to do was to keep up the good work, and we would see one year from now where it would take us. I am very optimistic, seeing what we are doing, considering the market and the energy in our team.

We encourage you to read the entire interview: https://bit.ly/34crnyT