30 March 2021

Inuru unveils interactive beverage packaging

Inuru, a portfolio company of ARIA, has presented a video to promote the launch of new interactive products. From now on, the drinks will delight customers not only with their taste but also with their innovative illuminated labels.

Inuru presented a video promoting the new solution aimed at bars, restaurants, and points of sale. German film actor of Polish origin, Adrian Topol, together with Inuru’s CEO, Marcin Ratajczak, presented packaging that reacts to touch, movement, and sound. Beverage labels can glow when touched, blink to the rhythm of music or illuminate when someone walks past them. To do this, Inuru placed the entire OLED mechanism inside a thin paper label. Because the label is durable, resistant to repeated bending as well as and low and high temperatures, it is easy to adapt to any surface.

Inuru’s solutions bring new meaning to product marketing, allowing brands to differentiate themselves in the market through customised consumer experiences. The company is working on introducing video displays on packaging so that content can be changed in real-time and on-demand. It is worth mentioning that Inuru also cares about environmental issues. The interactive packaging is reusable which means it reduces waste.

The start-up is developing technology for ultra-thin OLED displays that can be integrated into any surface including books, electronic devices, or clothing. The labels created by Inuru are characterised by exceptional brightness and recyclability.

ARIA invested in the company last year, allocating PLN 10 million to increase production and expand into new markets. Inuru has worked with Coca-Cola and Disney, among others, to create a line of illuminated bottles to promote the release of the new Star Wars movie.

Click here to watch the video.