01 October 2020

Inuru & DOM 3E in the ranking of the 25 Best Polish Startups 2020

Our portfolio companies are more successful than ever! Companies: Inuru, a developer of print technology for ultra-thin touch- and sound-sensitive OLED screens and DOM 3E, a supplier of one-stop-shop solutions for environmentally friendly houses known as SYSTEM 3E were ranked among the top 25 start-ups according to My Company Poland.

INURU (10th place) “cooperates with brands such as The Coca-Cola Company” (…) and “creates smart packages that connect with the environment” – say the authors of the ranking. – “They can light up, provide early warning and react to sound or touch. All of this happens thanks to the patented OLED technology, which produces light so thin that it can be integrated into any surface. Inuru’s invention can also be used on clothing, books, and electrical appliances.

The creators of DOM 3E (17th place) “took inspiration from processes occurring in nature to create and patent an eco-friendly system for building walls from perlite-based 3E components” – “the company became famous in May this year after the media reported that Grzegorz Krychowiak invested in it”- they add to explain their choice.