06 October 2020

How to deal with the COVID-19 crisis? Michał Skurowski in an interview for REBOUND 2020.

Livespace, the ARIA portfolio company, has not succumbed to the coronavirus crisis. Michał Skurowski, one of the creators of the new generation of CRM, decided to talk about this as part of the REBOUND 2020project.

In the wake of the economic crisis related to the pandemic, many companies are struggling with falling sales, the need to restructure and abandon or change the existing methods of acquiring customers. Many enterprises were forced, for financial reasons, to get rid of experienced and qualified employees.

How did Livespace deal with this difficult time? “There wasn’t a single decision that would mark a clear turning point in the company’s life or strategy. (…) We contacted our clients, we tried to understand their situation and adjust what we did to the new market realities. For example, we prepared a special offer the hardest-hit clients, where they had their fees reduced or suspended temporarily. We knew this would affect our company’s performance in the short term, but we strongly believed that the pandemic can be best fought only in unison with our clients as partners in business ” – says Skurowski.

Asked about the foreseeable future of Livespace, he says: ”The economic crisis, which has recently become a reality and which is likely to continue in the coming months, will force companies to change in key areas. Including, of course, the method of sale. I believe that this is a great opportunity for us to prove the value we give our customers and how much they really need us.”