18 March 2021

Grzegorz Żebrowski on OLED: “The market is promising”

“OLED displays are, compared to their predecessors, more efficient, thinner, and ecological thanks to the use of organic materials. They are also flexible, which allows them to be bent freely,” says Grzegorz Żebrowski Investment Manager of ARIA in the Puls Biznesu article.

Grzegorz Żebrowski spoke as an expert in the article on the commercialization of Noctiluca’s proprietary product. The brand designs and synthesises emitters – chemical compounds that are the basic element of OLED screens.

What distinguishes OLED displays? Because they are thin and light the screen can be bent and used on flexible surfaces. The ARIA fund already invested in this technology last year, adding Inuru to its portfolio. The company uses OLED technology in packaging, leaflets, clothing, and electronic devices. Its track record includes working with Coca-Cola, for which it created and produced illuminated bottles as part of a campaign with Disney.

“Making an OLED screen even 1mm thin is extremely difficult, so there are very few manufacturers who can do it. There are a few more companies supplying materials, but the whole market is promising,” Żebrowski explains in Puls Biznesu.

The value of the OLED market in 2020, according to estimates by Display Supply Chain Consultants, is USD 37.6 billion, thus noting an increase of 35% compared to the previous year. Its value is expected to grow at a 20% rate.

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