04 July 2019

ARIA inspires during ALRK 2019

It was an inspiring meeting with Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO ARIA: about life outside big corporations, building a company from scratch, ethics and decency, about the need to constantly ask yourself the question “why?” but also what Steve Schwarzman, Ray Dalio and Lee Iacocca have in common.

Young professionals from the Capital Market Leaders Academy asked questions and Lewandowski answered: “If instead of a corporate life you choose to build your own business, you will find yourself in a completely different world. A world in which there’s no place to say that something cannot be done, a world where continuous search for new solutions matters most. Why did Lewandowski decide to build an investment company? “Because it is a chance to use 100 percent of my professional economic knowledge and experience. This is an extremely interesting, demanding and absorbing industry”. Whom do you most often invest in? “In those who are authentic, committed and know their business inside out – they go their own way to achieve their goals. For only the wisest people choose their own path”. According to Lewandowski, autonomy is the most important thing in business: “Reed Hastings, while creating Netflix, has developed procedures for all the potential operations inside the company. He quickly realised that this was not the way – that it was better to reward freedom and responsibility”. So what makes ARIA stand out? “An original approach and private capital that guarantees business freedom.” Capital Market Leaders Academy is a program of exceptional workshops and internships led by the Lesław Paga Foundation in cooperation with leading financial institutions, including ARIA. The project has been running continuously for 14 years. Through participation in the Academy, students gain practical knowledge and valuable market experience.