16 July 2019

ARIA during ALRK 2019 final

Is there a capital gap on the market? The question from ARIA was answered by this year’s participants of the Academy of Capital Market Leaders. “The gap exists, although it is getting smaller”, they all agreed.

On that very day, 30 young professionals – future leaders of the capital market – visited the Warsaw Stock Exchange and took part in the Academy final, sharing gained knowledge and skills with guests of the Lesław A. Paga Foundation. Young professionals gave two presentations on Polish technology companies – the potential “unicorns” with a chance for global success. They also recognised that the market equity gap existed, although it was becoming smaller, due to the emergence of new, public money, financing the development of small and medium technology companies. ARIA is the partner of the Capital Market Leaders Academy for the second time in a row. This means that some of the participants will join the company team to complete their internships. Capital Market Leaders Academy is a program of exceptional workshops and internships led by the Lesław Paga Foundation in cooperation with leading financial institutions, including ARIA. The project has been running continuously for 14 years. Through participation in the Academy, students gain practical knowledge and valuable market experience.