02 February 2021

A glowing perfume flask from Inuru

Another glowing success of ARIA’s portfolio company. Inuru has designed innovative “Cyber” perfume flasks for the German brand LOOK LABS.

LOOK LABS focuses on design of modern high-quality products in the industry of cosmetics and lifestyle, combining traditional craftsmanship with breakthrough technologies. “Cyber” is a unisex perfume inspired by science fiction movies, in which advanced technological solutions are a component of everyday reality.

We believe that in the future, people will interact with products in new and exciting ways. Our mission is to introduce state-of-the-art, trailblazing products” says the founder of LOOK LABS, Jordan Katzarov.

“Cyber” is the first fragrance in the world, locked in a flask with in-built OLED lighting. Thanks to technology developed by Inuru, the flask is illuminated in red, communicating the product name and recycling symbol, highlighting environmental issues and the climate crisis.

The product is addressed to conscious consumers, familiar with technology and caring about the natural environment. The label, the cap and the packaging of the perfume are environment-friendly, and the flask can be refilled.

Inuru is a company, which develops ultra thin OLED screens that respond to touch and sound. The solutions applied by Inuru are characterized by exceptional brightness; at the same time, their thickness does not exceed 1 millimeter. Thanks to technologically advanced methods, they can be used on all surfaces: packagings, clothes, books or electrical appliances.

The ARIA Fund invested in Inuru in year 2020. The capital was used for product scaling and expansion on international markets. The portfolio of Inuru includes a project for Coca-Cola for designing of a limited edition of bottles in cooperation with Disney company.