22 April 2021

Unboxing with Inuru

The future of unboxing? Only with Inuru, ARIA’s portfolio company. Or more precisely, with InuruSense, a new solution that guarantees an unforgettable unboxing experience.

The creators of Inuru point out: in times of pandemics, packaging may be the only communication tool that has direct contact with the consumer. Therefore, treating packaging solely from the perspective of its transport function is a mistake. It’s a missed opportunity for marketing and branding.

So Inuru is launching the new Sense Series. When unpacking a shipment, a luminous message can appear on any surface (e.g. the ordered product). Such a message can be freely customized: in terms of lighting time, color, and intensity of light, form, and shape. The effect can also be switched on and off after a specified time. How is it possible? It’s thanks to Inuru Smart Surface Technology, a technology that incorporates a paper-thin, eco-friendly (Made for Recycling certified) OLED-based light label.