27 October 2018

SYSTEM 3E factory completed!

Construction of the SYSTEM 3E building technology factory was completed.This innovative and fully automated plant is one of the most modern in Poland. ARIA develops the SYSTEM 3E technology.

The factory makes 3E blocks using perlite, enabling walls to be erected quickly – without the need for using mortar and insulation.Modern, automated and completely environmentally friendly plant comprises a production hall, laboratory, packing area and storage facilities. It enables annual production of 1,000,000 3E blocks. This translates into a potential for constructing 1,000 houses each year.

SYSTEM 3E is a Polish technology with worldwide patents. It is based on our own project – 3E blocks made of natural perlite. 3E blocks are a combination of natural recipe, precise shape and simple application. They can be quickly joined, making it possible to erect the walls of a building during 1 working day. This enables time and money savings without the negative impact on the natural environment.

Environmentally friendly

The SYSTEM 3E is environmentally friendly as the main ingredient of 3E blocks is perlite – a natural volcanic mineral extracted from the Earth in open-cut mines. Perlite has the pH value of 7, ensuring the best protection against growth of moulds, fungi and algae. This is also a perfect solution for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

Energy efficiency

The SYSTEM 3E is energy efficient as perlite, the main ingredient of 3E blocks, has perfect insulation performance. The heat transfer coefficient for the walls built in the SYSTEM 3E is U = 0.2260 W/m2K. This translates into lower energy bills. Moreover, the process of producing 3E blocks is characterized by high energy consumption.


The SYSTEM 3E is the quickest and easiest way of erecting walls – in 1 working day and without the need for employing specialized construction teams. This turns into clear savings in terms of construction time and work of the construction team. Moreover, the SYSTEM 3E does not need using mortar and insulation. This also enables material savings.

3E blocks

The comb-shaped part of the 3E block uses a special angle that maximized the friction force. This solution was adopted from the angle of the machine taper. As a result, the surfaces are self-anchoring in the wall. The recipe of 3E blocks was in turn developed so as to maximally use the unique properties of perlite.

Quality certificate

The high quality of 3E blocks was confirmed by the Instytut Materiałów Budowlanych i Technologii Betonu (notification No 2311). Our technology complies with all the Polish and European standards required by the law, related to, including but not limited to, fire, water and humidity reaction, insulating properties and noise reduction properties.

More info at www.system3e.com