03 December 2018

SYSTEM 3E awarded in the 100% Polski Produkt poll

SYSTEM 3E technology has won the Most Innovative Product 2018 award in the 100% Polski Produkt poll! The competition is open to companies whose portfolios have a 100% Polish product – manufactured based on Polish technology, from Polish components, with a Polish supply chain, using Polish capital. They are also distinguished by a sustainable strategy, building a brand of Polish products on the market.

– Before the market launch, our greatest challenge was to effectively transfer the acquired knowledge to the economy. We did it, and SYSTEM 3E has a chance to revolutionise the global construction industry in order to make it ecological, energy-saving, and economical at the same time. Now, our greatest challenge is for SYSTEM 3E to develop in Poland – in Polish hands and with a predominance of Polish capital – said Dariusz Lewandowski at the award ceremony, CEO of ARIA company, which is developing SYSTEM 3E.