07 September 2021

Sundose among the TOP 25 best start-ups

Sundose, a portfolio company of ARIA, offering personalized dietary supplements, was among the TOP 25 best startups, according to the editors of My Company Poland!

E-commerce, photovoltaics, loans, online education, furniture, software… Polish start-ups create companies with increasing momentum. Covid pandemic and a lockdown, contrary to earlier fears, have not slowed them down. Quite the opposite! In the past months, we could observe record-breaking investments. Because good ideas attract investors very quickly” – claims the magazine.

About Sundose, they add: “A few months ago, Sundose announced that it had raised $6 million, which it will use not only to extend its offer but also to expand into foreign markets. One of the products currently developed by the startup is a technology that uses a special algorithm that analyzes indicators such as the patient’s health history and blood tests when selecting supplementation“.

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