12 June 2019

SDA in the media: leaders in Europe

Business Insider and Rzeczpospolita are convinced: Software Development Academy, a portfolio company of ARIA, is one of the biggest training businesses in this part of Europe. Michał Mysiak and Piotr Mazur, the founders of the SDA programming bootcamp, have found a niche, and their company is growing really fast.

In Poland, we may be lacking as many as 50 thousand programmers today. According to the EC, the IT industry in Europe until 2020 would need as many as 900 thousand experts in the field”, states Business Insider. “The Poles have noticed this niche and established a firm, which in five years turned into one of the biggest training businesses in this part of Europe. Their courses are attended by all kinds of participants – from funeral home owners to IT students. What is the objective? To put people in the market in the matter of eight months, able to cope with high technology.” The full article can be found at link.

Can anyone become a programmer? What are the predispositions needed? Is it really easier to get a job after a programming course? What are the plans of SDA for Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia? These – and other – questions were answered by Michał Mysiak in the interview with Rzeczpospolita. The video with the interview can be found at link.