27 October 2018

Puls Biznesu: Polish revolution in the global construction industry

The weekend issue of “Puls Biznesu” contains an article about the market launch of the SYSTEM 3E, an innovative construction technology developed by ARIA.

Why the SYSTEM 3E is an innovation for the global construction industry? What makes it possible to erect the walls of a house in just one day? What is perlite and how is it possible that 3E blocks are joined without mortar and do not need insulation. “The fully automated factory launched in Radomsko has a capacity of producing 1 million of 3E perlite blocks per year. This makes it possible to build one thousand houses each year. What is worth emphasizing, the factory does not release any harmful substances. And the product itself is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economical” – Puls Biznesu emphasized. The entire article can be found here.