05 June 2020

INURU will kick start with PLN 10 milion from ARIA

The Berlin company INURU, one of the most interesting technology companies in Europe cooperating with brands such as Coca-Cola, raised PLN 10 million from ARIA. The capital will be allocated to scaling production and international expansion.

INURU creates packaging that actively communicate. What does this mean exactly? Packaging can shine, draw attention, warn, and, in the future, display small animations and videos – they react to touch and even to … sound. This is possible thanks to the patented OLED technology, which allows you to produce light so thin that it can be integrated with any surface. The technology can be used on packaging, books, newspapers, posters, leaflets, business cards, clothing, electronic devices, etc. INURU solutions are used by the best brands in the world such as Coca-Cola.

“Coca-Cola had the pleasure to cooperate with INURU twice. The first project was created just before Christmas 2018. We wanted to surprise our employees from Central and Eastern Europe with a nice gift using technologically modern packaging solutions. Together with INURU, we have prepared the first ever Coca-Cola Christmas bottles with a glowing logo on the label, which went to employees for Christmas,” says Georgi Blaskov, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Bulgaria. “The second project concerned a partnership with Disney – Star Wars: Skywalker. Revival. This time we cooperated on a much larger scale, but this time INURU did not disappoint us. The company is brave, flexible and quickly adapts its activities to the needs of new projects,” he adds.

As part of the partnership with Coca-Cola and Disney, a series of Limited Edition Star Wars bottles with Jedi knights’ swords was created. Swords illuminated when touched a thin label. INURU technology is also of interest to producers of printing and packaging, such as All-4-Labels, Eberl Print, Prillution and Karl Knauer. “Real technology disruption results solely from the ease of use. To achieve it, it is necessary to break the barriers, including high unit costs and investment outlays. We’ve been working on it for 8 years. We succeeded,” says Marcin Ratajczak, CEO of INURU.

“We have invested in INURU for several reasons. The value of the global market for intelligent electronic packaging today reaches 55 million dollars. In 2030 it will be as much as 895 million dollars. INURU is part of market trends such as sustainable development, personalization and user experience. We are dealing with unique technology and a perfectly complementing team of founders. The product is therefore the perfect response to the growing demand of brands such as Coca-Cola,” emphasizes Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO of ARIA. By investing in INURU, the fund managed by Lewandowski joined other significant and influential shareholders of the Berlin company: the largest TechStars accelerator in the world with a total capitalization of USD 27 billion, as well as the leading chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck, which is very active in OLED technology.

The capital of PLN 10 million will be allocated to scaling production and international expansion. Soon, INURU technology can also be used in the automotive or space industries.

This is the largest and – at the same time – the first foreign investment of ARIA. “We are implementing the strategy that we presented in February 2020. The development of INURU was supported by the new instrument ARIA ASI II, whose investment policy assumes the involvement of capital in projects compatible with global megatrends, i.e. digitization, personalization, sustainable development,“ sums up Dariusz Lewandowski.