11 June 2019

Grzegorz Żebrowski has joined the ARIA team

Grzegorz Żebrowski, Investment Manager, has joined the ARIA team. Grzegorz is responsible for building the analytical team and implementation of investment processes. He has answered a few questions for us today. Please meet each other!

Why ARIA? I have always wanted to be part of a private equity firm that invests in businesses with incredible potential. While gaining experience, I became convinced that in order to realise this potential most effectively, we need to combine knowledge and various competences with an approach that treats all our stakeholders (entrepreneurs, investors, employees) as partners. I will enrich ARIA thanks to… My experience in working on private equity transactions and my knowledge of various areas of the capital market. By joining ARIA, I will bring knowledge about structuring transactions, running investment processes, as well as skills relating to financial modelling, learning quickly about businesses, and establishing working relationships with people. My greatest professional achievement has been… My contribution to successfully closing as many as 7 transaction processes over a 5-year period (total value approximately USD 200 million). After work, I enjoy… History and all the possible events that have shaped it, particularly its socio-economic aspects, and how empires rise and fall. I like to spend my holidays windsurfing, skiing, or visiting historic sites together with my family.   Grzegorz Żebrowski is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has extensive experience working as an investment analyst (including at CEE Equity Partners). He also gained experience at Innova Capital, Ernst & Young and PZU.