22 April 2020

Grzegorz Krychowiak has invested PLN 5 million in SYSTEM 3E

Grzegorz Krychowiak has invested 5 million PLN in the intelligent construction technology SYSTEM 3E developed by ARIA. This Polish technology, patented all over the world, is the first innovation in the construction industry dealing in constructing walls of houses and other facilities in a 100 years. Krychowiak took over the company’s shares and will support it with his image. The capital obtained from the Polish football player will be allocated to foreign expansion, primarily on German and Swedish markets.

SYSTEM 3E is the largest construction start-up in the world, the first innovation in construction in a 100 years, or since the time when aerated concrete was invented. The creators of the technology, observing the processes occurring in nature, created and patented a fully ecological system of erecting walls from 3E elements based on perlite. The precise shape and unique properties of 3E elements make the construction simpler and faster than traditional methods. Elements 3E, produced in Radomsko near Łódź, are laid like blocks, using the click-click method, without the need for mortar, glue, water and insulation.

Grzegorz Krychowiak has invested PLN 5 million in SYSTEM 3E (and also in the company providing comprehensive house construction service: DOM 3E). He took over the company’s shares and will support it with his business intuition and image, taking part in promotional, social and educational campaigns. Puls Biznesu (Business Pulse) wrote about Krychowiak’s investment in SYSTEM 3E and DOM 3E: “Grzegorz Krychowiak, a well-known football player and businessman, is enthusiastic about the Polish technology implemented by SYSTEM 3E.”

“I had no doubts. I noticed the professionalism, determination of the management team and unparalleled attention to detail, which is crucial in business,” says Grzegorz Krychowiak. “The unique Polish and ecological construction product SYSTEM 3E together with the DOM 3E service fills a market niche on a global scale which lacks companies building houses in the “a to z” formula, the so-called one-stop-shop, as is the case e.g. in Germany. Polish society is getting richer, and in the meantime the house-building market lacks such an offer with easy, quick construction, like with blocks. And it’s all ecological and Polish. I support all Polish companies that defy the status quo and change the reality that surrounds us. Our country needs more wonderful, successfully implemented inventions as SYSTEM 3E,” adds Krychowiak.

Krychowiak is involved in the development of SYSTEM 3E as part of an ongoing investment round targeted at private equity and venture capital funds as well as industry and individual investors. The acquired capital will be allocated to the company’s international expansion, mainly on German and Swedish markets.

“Transfer SYSTEM 3E to the economy is a story that the entire industry admires, from Singapore to the USA,” says Dariusz Lewandowski, president of SYSTEM 3E. – “Therefore, we see huge business potential for SYSTEM 3E in various markets. We will start expansion from Germany, where over 90,000 homes are built annually, and from Sweden, where ecological construction is particularly valued. These are countries open to technological innovations in which the trend of creating suburban spaces has clearly emerged at the expense of the crowded centers of large agglomerations. On the other hand, in countries like Germany and Sweden there is a problem of rising labor costs. The benefits of using SYSTEM 3E are therefore the perfect answer to these expectations and challenges, “ adds Lewandowski

The SYSTEM 3E business strategy is currently based on two pillars: the production and sale of 3E elements and a comprehensive home construction service through DOM 3E. In the future, remuneration for licensing will join the sources of revenue so that 3E elements can also be created abroad.

“At home, just like in football, the system counts. A game system that enables the construction of spectacular, and, above all, effective actions. And a building system that guarantees speed and convenience. This is what the 3E SYSTEM is made of and which the 3E HOUSE is made of,” summarizes Grzegorz Krychowiak.

On the occasion of the investment, Grzegorz Krychowiak launched a competition in cooperation with SYSTEM 3E and DOM 3E in which the prize is a year-round holiday cottage 35 sq m worth PLN 100,000. Just go to www.dom3e.com, find the Krychowiak avatar, click on it, complete the form and attach your creative video with the answer to the question: “Why should you have a DOM 3E?”