10 December 2020

Grzegorz Krychowiak as a… builder! The new campaign of DOM 3 E – a portfolio company of ARIA.

Grzegorz Krychowiak, one of Poland’s best soccer player, has now become… builder! In films presenting the Polish high-tech company DOM 3E – a portfolio company of ARIA – Krychowiak is building a wall of 3E components, made of natural perlite, and saying: “With DOM 3E, you will build your dream house quickly and simply. With no mortar. With no additional insulation. With no harmful chemicals. Environment-friendly and energy-efficient.” The soccer player is an ambassador of a technology, which may change lives of people around the world. Now he is doing his best to convince Poles to benefit from an invention that was developed in his homeland.

DOM 3E builds houses, settlements and other facilities of 3E Elements made of perlite. Precise shape and unique properties of these elements make construction simpler and faster in comparison with traditional methods. One square meter of a wall is built in 20 minutes! The 3E Elements are connected by clicking together – without mortar and without additional insulation, which means there are no harmful chemicals added. Walls built in this technology are free from moisture, mold or fungi. Therefore, a 3E House offers a great environment for people suffering from allergy or asthma. It is the most impressive innovation in the construction trade in the last 100 years, that is, since autoclaved aerated concrete was invented.

Grzegorz Krychowiak supports DOM 3E. In films presenting the innovative solution, Krychowiak, wearing a 3E uniform, is building a wall of perlite components together with other members of the construction team. He is smiling, as assembly of 3E Elements goes quickly and easily. The soccer player is filmed against an ascetic white background. This is a reference to the fact that construction in the 3E technology is clean – it reduces the quantity of water and waste used.

We built this wall in 30 minutes! The walls of a 35 sqm cottage house can be built in five hours, and a single-family house of 120 sqm – in 24 hours, that is, in one day”, Krychowiak says. “With DOM 3E, you will build your dream house quickly and simply. With no mortar. With no additional insulation. With no harmful chemicals. It’s a quick, energy-saving solution”, he adds.

Similar films – with different leading themes – have been made by Krychowiak for architects, developers and contractors, who can become business partners of DOM 3E.

Krychowiak became an ambassador and an investor in DOM 3E in the early 2020. The soccer player has contributed 5 million PLN to the Polish technology. The capital has been used for its further development, as well as expansion to the German and Swedish markets.