07 May 2019

Gazeta.pl: “SYSTEM 3E Revolutionises Construction”

“Poles’ contribution to the development of construction is revolutionary. It is Poles who have developed SYSTEM 3E, which makes it easier than ever to build a house anywhere in the world, regardless of season or climate zone!” Gazeta.pl informs in its article about Polish innovations, including SYSTEM 3E.

The article titled “A Pole Can Do It, or the Most Astonishing Innovations That Were Born in Poland” tells the stories of, among others, solar cells, Commodore 64 and Atari computers, portable cassette players, and Melex. “Poles have proven many times that they can do it. They can change the world with amazing innovations. They have introduced quite a few of them,” the article emphasizes. A large part of it is devoted to SYSTEM 3E, the technology developed by ARIA: “System 3E is composed of precision components made of natural perlite, volcanic glass extracted from beneath Earth’s surface. The unique shape of the individual elements is inspired by the Morse taper. This is why they do not require any mortar as they connect by means of wedging. And the wall in the house is created instantly – progress can be seen as fast as within a few hours”. The entire article can be found here.