01 March 2018

Forbes: ARIA creates business

February issue of Forbes featured an article devoted entirely to ARIA. There is a niche in the Polish segment of private equity funds. ARIA Fund, an independent and proprietary company has decided to fill this niche. Its current business achievements as well as the results of the funds it manages show that the chosen strategy proves the right one. We’ll be hearing a lot more about ARIA Fund,” reads the article.

“ARIA creates business” talks about our achievements (the value of assets gathered around ARIA brand in 2018 will exceed PLN 200 million), as well as our plans (in the next 5-7 consecutive years, the value of assets should amount to PLN 1 billion, and the entire ARIA business should invest in 20 portfolio companies). It also explains our proprietary approach to business and the “monetization” of the sum of our experiences.