18 June 2019

Ewa Rudnicka has joined the ARIA team

Ewa Rudnicka, Strategy Associate, has joined the ARIA team. Ewa is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for ARIA and its portfolio companies. Today she answered a few questions from us. Let’s meet her!

Why did you choose ARIA? I decided to join ARIA because I like standing up to challenges that come from different areas. Here, I can work both on the strategy of the fund and its portfolio companies, as well as take part in the investment process. I also like the fact that there is an opportunity for me here to implement the strategies I helped to develop. Bringing ideas to life gives me great satisfaction. The greatest added value you bring to ARIA is… … my experience. As a consultant at Deloitte, I worked for market leaders on projects concerning revenue growth and growth strategies, including mergers and acquisitions. Earlier on, at ConQuest Consulting, I provided advisory services for start-ups, the SME sector and larger companies. I was also responsible for business development. My greatest professional achievement is…  … receiving the Best Junior Enterprise of the Year award. What I find exciting after work is…  … trying my hand at different things: doing sports, improving my cooking skills, discovering the Warsaw theatre scene, and providing mentorship for students who seek to work on their entrepreneurial skills.   Ewa Rudnicka graduated from the University of Warsaw and SGH Warsaw School of Economics. At Deloitte, she was responsible for developing strategies for life science sector, consumer product, e-commerce and FMCG companies. At ConQuest Consulting, she managed a team of 27 strategists from different fields. She started her professional career at BNP Paribas.