05 October 2021

Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO of ARIA, in an interview with Parkiet magazine

Is this a good time to invest in growth companies?” – asks Parkiet editor-in-chief Andrzej Stec. “Absolutely yes!” – replies the ARIA CEO. “Investment in technology companies in the growth phase is when companies already have a validated business model and technology. They have regular revenues, a customer base and need financing for further development” adds Dariusz Lewandowski.

Each investment fund has its own characteristics” says Lewandowski. The best ones are distinguished by a methodical approach and a diversified portfolio. “It’s impossible to invest without being up to date with market events. That’s why investing through a fund such as venture capital is the best solution” he estimates.

In the following part of the interview, Lewandowski talks about valuation of technology companies, investment horizon, Nethonei Sundose portfolio companies, possible exit through the WSE.

Full interview at the link.