20 November 2018

Coverage of the opening of SYSTEM 3E production plant in Radomsko

It was a very important day for the construction industry. See footage of the opening of the SYSTEM 3E production plant in Radomsko based on a Polish unique and specific product, i.e. 3E elements made of perlite.

“The SYSTEM 3E technology, developed as a result of merger of sophisticated technical, chemical and mathematical know-how, is redefining the construction industry,” said Dariusz Lewandowski at the opening gala, Chairman of ARIA, the company which develops SYSTEM 3E. The plant in Radomsko, launched on 26 October, is an innovative, fully automated and one of the most state-of-the art facilities in Poland, which:

  • has an annual capacity of 1 million 3E perlite elements
  • allows for building a thousand houses yearly
  • does not emit any harmful substances,

and the product itself is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and economical. This is the origin of the name “3E”, which we want to conquer the world and the construction industry with! https://vimeo.com/301867294