SYSTEM 3E is a technology company revolutionizing the cubature construction industry. This game-changing technology is based on a unique and patented Polish product – 3E perlite elements, called new-generation ceramics, which enable mortarless, LEGO-like wall construction. Applicable in all weather conditions and any climate zone, 365 days a year. SYSTEM 3E is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and cost-efficient. It speeds up construction process, thus saves time and money. Furthermore, 3E walls do not require insulation, leading to reduced usage of harmful, oil-based materials.

The technology we have implemented changes the paradigms of construction that have existed for centuries. We see great potential for the development of SYSTEM 3E abroad. Together with strategic advisors, we have developed a strategy for entering selected markets, i.e. Germany, Scandinavia, and the USA. 

Piotr Budnik, Vice President SYSTEM 3E

13 September 2020


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