13 November 2018

Business Insider: A revolutionary technology – you will build walls in your house in one day

Imagine that you have just bought a plot of land to build your dream house. You can’t wait to move in. You choose a design online, you get a price estimate. Someone supports you in getting all the necessary permits. Then two trucks loaded with wall elements arrive and 4-5 people build the walls in…one day. Regardless of the season or weather conditions, you get keys to your new house after three months and you can start to furnish it – as written by Business Insider in an article devoted to SYSTEM 3E.

A Polish company has developed an innovative technology which makes it all possible. Their invention is likely to revolutionize the construction industry. Perlite-based SYSTEM 3E elements allow for building detached and semi-detached houses, whereas developers can use them as a filler in higher buildings. Perlite walls are built dry, without mortar or insulation, and in any weather conditions. This is why it takes a day to build them and the house is very energy-efficient, Business Insider emphasizes.

Full article is available here.