23 January 2020

ARIA Private Equity positions SENUTO

Senuto, a Polish company providing advanced tools and data in the area of ​​SEO, e-commerce and content marketing, has obtained PLN 5.7 million in the financing round just completed. The ARIA Private Equity fund and two business angels, Maciej Noga (founder of Pracuj.pl) and Daniel Kaczmarek (founder of paraloscuriosos.com), have invested in the development of the platform. Thanks to the funds obtained, Senuto plans to gain a foothold in selected European markets and prepare for further expansion.

Senuto develops data analysis technology related to online searches based on artificial intelligence. Its solutions enable clients to significantly increase organic traffic reaching the website. The company also provides tools for automatically planning the content of articles using specific keywords. Currently, all major publishers in Poland and most of the leading online stores, marketplace, price comparison websites and SEM/SEO agencies are already using these opportunities. The company collects and analyzes data on 19 million phrases and 7 million domains.

“At Senuto, we focus on accurate analysis and a wide range of features offered. Customers appreciate it, and their number is growing rapidly. In Poland, our solutions are already used by over 900 companies and 14,000 users. In the near future we want to focus on foreign expansion. We also plan to promote the use of machine learning in SEO activities,” says Damian Sałkowski, CEO of Senuto. “We will first focus on developing on European markets. Funds from the round will allow us to build a larger team and further develop our technology. This year promises to be very intense in every area,“ Sałkowski adds.

The company obtained the largest portion of the funds obtained in the completed round: PLN 5.2 million from the ARIA Private Equity investment fund. Thanks to this support, Senuto wants to actively work to attract customers in other European countries. The list of its strategic directions includes Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Sweden and Norway.

“We invested in Senuto because the company achieves excellent results: it grew by almost 100% last year. Its advantage is unique technology. Senuto constantly monitors 19 million key phrases, and its tools help significantly increase the effectiveness of marketing activities on the Internet. The amount of data collected and analyzed by Senuto is impressive. The company also has a strong team with Damian Sałkowski, an appreciated SEO specialist, and Krzysztof Dębowski at the forefront,” says Dariusz Lewandowski, CEO of ARIA Private Equity.

The investment in the development of Senuto is the beginning of the implementation of the newly defined strategy for the ARIA Private Equity fund, according to which the fund wants to both support technology companies and finance their buyouts.

During an earlier financing round, Senuto raised PLN 2 million from the bValue investment fund. Thanks to the funds received at that time, the company developed its technology and team. Currently employs 23 experts specialized in the area of ​​SEO, big data and data mining. After the round that has just ended, the company is valued at PLN 30 million.