Knowledge, experience and knowledge of business processes

We support creators and owners of established companies in achieving strategic business goals through consulting and handling capital transactions. We provide our knowledge, ex-perience and in-depth knowledge of business processes.


We have knowledge combining comprehensive education with practical know-how of mechanisms that occur in native companies and international corporations


We participated in pioneering transactions on the Polish capital market, co-creating system foundations alongside such authorities as Lesław Paga

IIIBusiness know-how We manage transformation processes in existing companies and the construction of com-pletely new innovative enterprises representing various sectors and sectors of the economy

PLN 50-300 million
we specialize in small and medium value transactions

Through strategic consulting and transaction support on the capital market, we contribute to the dynamic development of companies and technologies, and, if necessary, we release funds for other investment purposes.

identification of buyers and investment purposes | investor and transaction documentation | negotiation of valuation and transaction terms | development of the financing structure | preparation for due diligence

There is a moment when it is worth considering what should be the exit strategy from a mature enterprise – partial or comprehensive exit, external or internal, as part of e.g. generational change – not to end the business activity, but to – using the knowledge and experience acquired over the years – act in a more independent and flexible man-ner – at the same time while being equally exciting. Resources released as part of the implementation of the exit strategy should continue to work dynamically. ARIA pro-poses that they work – based on proven know-how – in joint investments with others – those who have followed a similar path: building and selling part or all of the enter-prise.

The time has come for the next business step in search of a larger scale and higher revenues, also perhaps outside the country? Market expansion plans require profi-ciency in conducting often complex transactions. The competences of an adviser such as ARIA prove to be invaluable in this matter. You need a professional team, experience in the implementation of transactions, a network of business contacts and the ability to organize capital. When such potential is used, the transaction is not a coincidence as all market opportunities are maximized. The entrepreneur, however, receives in-depth knowledge about market mechanisms and the specifics of the in-dustry in international terms. As part of networking, it also gains access to potential business partners in the future.









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