We are patient investors.

We are well aware of the fact that value creation takes time – this approach guarantees long-term benefits for investors, companies and communities for which we work.

We provide companies not only with financial, but above all, intellectual capital. We support them in development and global expansion. We work for revenue and order growth, technology updates, process optimization, team building, and new initiatives. We motivate and encourage you to achieve synergies with other companies in our portfolio.


the fund makes a profit by selling the enterprise

Istart-up phase

project at the idea stage, financed with own funds, money borrowed from the family or obtained from business angels or EU funds

IIImoment of investment

the company has commercialized its product and needs capital to accelerate growth

IIproduct phase

fulfilled promise, the company begins to generate revenue

The ARIA investment process is characterized by rigorous discipline. It consists of many points whose careful implementation ensures a detailed analysis of the investment objective and the definition of optimal transaction conditions. The process perfectly protects three stages of value creation: identification, investing capital and development - it ends with exiting the investment. The conclusion of the investment agreement is the beginning of the investment life cycle. Over the next 3-7 years, we work hard to build and extract the highest value.

Owners of mature enterprises are considering diversification of revenues – they may come from the domestic industry, which they know very well, but they may also come from industries not related to their core business. Searching for new sources of reve-nue has many advantages – it broadens market horizons, engages in innovative pro-jects, strengthens in the business avant-garde. And joint search – with other mature entrepreneurs – expands the network of contacts, allows you to share knowledge and experience. Such joint search via ARIA – using a professional team and investment process – is the most appropriate solution offered by the market.

Entrepreneurs, also those just developing, are struggling with unsuccessful investments “on their own” in start-ups. There are many reasons for these failures, among them the lack of time and resources to first identify and then evaluate a given investment objective. It also often happens that the moment of investment is completely wrong. This leads to great frustration and stress. ARIA does not invest in projects on paper, but in technology companies and other enterprises with high growth potential and credible strategies – with the market, product, customers – at the best possible moment, when the investment target valuation is at a relatively low level, but has the potential for rapid growth. Our company enables active investor participation in the process of making strategic decisions – it is open to intuition, knowledge, experience and know-how from outside. In this way, the entrepreneur builds a unique environment whose richness is diverse networking

The pressure of appropriate capital allocation with – at the same time – low supply of really promising projects – is the biggest challenge facing international institutional investors (e.g. funds of funds). The need to be exposed to new regions is becoming a critical issue, but in a safe, transparent and transparent way based on professional investment processes, drawing on the best global models and practices. ARIA gives such exposure to the countries of Central Europe and the Baltic Sea basin, including Scandinavia. We are specialists in this region, its specificity, conditions and depend-encies. We have the appropriate knowledge, experience and resources to identify and engage capital in investment goals on an institutional basis with a chance for above average returns.

We are specialists in two regions

We are specialists in two regions

We invest in two regions: Central Europe (also in Germany and Austria) and Scandinavia, where there is one of the highest shares of the digital economy in GDP – on average over 7%. It is here that investment goals with the highest growth potential are sought.

We focus on four sectors

We focus on four sectors: new technologies, industrial production, consumer goods and real estate. The criteria that affect an investment decision include business scalability, quality of the management team and resistance to market forces.


GVA of sector in Europe
Forecasted CAGR

We focus on four sectors

By investing from 5 to 20 million zlotys, we use the capital gap that exists on the market….

The most difficult thing in a technology company is to build scale. First of all, due to the limited access to bank financing. Here, ARIA comes with support, which – taking advantage of the gap in the capital market – allocates from 5 to 20 million PLN for investment purposes. However, money is not everything. ARIA’s knowledge, experience and solutions complement the offer – they are an ideal solution for all those who face the challenge of designing strategies, developing technologies, competing in the market, and ensuring financial liquidity. At the same time, ARIA managers – while maintaining the necessary supervision – cultivate the independence of the crea-tors of the technology company. This approach guarantees appropriate business scalability, also on international markets.

Traditional companies that were established in the 1980s and 1990s require modernizing their business models and processes. On the one hand, the creators of these companies are unquestioned experts in their industry, on the other hand, they are often unable to answer the question “what next?” Today. Modern solutions – at the same time very expensive – are to be or not to be for the future of their business. ARIA understands this well. Firstly, it has capital that can finance digitization, and secondly, it supports the construction of modern market, marketing and sales strategies. Thanks to this, you can still benefit from a business that was established 30 or 40 years ago.

Developed technology companies already have a proven business model – market, product, customers. However, they need capital to strengthen their position on the international market. ARIA can help in the implementation of two scenarios: continuing expansion or taking over competition. At the end of each of these roads there is a high business valuation and the prospect of a bargain “exit from investment”. In this case, our experts – using their knowledge and experience – provide support in the preparation and implementation of even the most complex international transactions.

We engage capital at the best possible moment when the product or service offered by the investment objective has been verified on the market and its value is still at a relatively low level. Construction of such a business takes from 3 to 7 years, followed by exit from the investment. The market standard is a situation in which the rate of return on investment in real estate is in the range of 3.5 – 7%, in new technologies in the range of 8 – 21%, and the fund manager receives a bonus for achieving a specific goal (the so-called success fee). Each asset class defines investment risk.









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