ARIA Insight

ARIA Insight is a an original business method by ARIA Fund. It sets the values, goals, direction and ways of functioning of the whole team.

“In our line of business saying ‘no’ is considered good practice. We put companies under careful scrutiny, verify data and double-check the facts. When we do say ‘yes’, though, we dive deep and support business development on every level.”
ARIA Insight


…is the foundation of building relationships in life and business alike. It is due to trust that we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves and then reach for more. Therefore the most critical objective we set for ourselves is to earn the trust of our business partners — and once we have it — to act in such ways to never betray it.


Caution. Although our business compass always points towards “trust” at first, we also place great value on precautions. We screen, we check thoroughly and verify. Only once we are sure that we have done everything to minimize risks, we pursue the investment.

Transparency. We want to show that although big business is at stake, we remain transparent. We know the value of opportunity, but we’re also not afraid to talk about risks. We clarify and explain. We share our comprehensive knowledge and many years’ experience. We have nothing to hide, and we like when everything is clear.

Ethics. It is the basis of all our actions. Ethics is for us primarily responsibility — for our word, people, and their money. We are honest and trustworthy. We leave nothing to fate – we adhere to the standards and stick to the rules. We respect more than just the law, but also different points of view, and most of all each other. Thanks to the rules and principles — including moral ones — we provide our business partners with peace and security.


  • An above-average rate of return for our investors.
  • A dynamic increase in the value of our portfolio companies.
  • Business creation in the field of new technologies.

Equity gap

We are filling the equity gap existing on the market. Investment funds, private equity, and other financial institutions either invest in companies in their seed stage or in large companies with an established position on the market. ARIA Fund bridges the gap by investing capital at the level of PLN 5-20 million.

When we invest

We invest prudently and in the optimal moment: when there is demand for the product or service, the tech company generates satisfactory revenues, and its value is relatively low.

Investment Process

  • 1

    We choose a company with high growth potential (among those from our areas of interest). Some companies come forward encouraged by the success of other business we manage. We also meet companies during events like infoShare or WebSummit.

  • 2

    We set up meetings with the founders and evaluate their growth plans. We ask dozens questions to determine if we are dealing with people ready to multiply our investment. Then we evaluate the growth potential, investment needs and risks. At the same time, we strive to build an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust.

  • 3

    We inspect company’s documents (such as financial and management reports and business plans) to understand if success is a viable option. We dissect the history to find confirmation in the numbers. We consult external experts and critically review the business plan.

  • 4

    We estimate the value of the company by building models helping translate input data into the true potential of the enterprise.

  • 5

    We talk with the owners about their expectations. We negotiate to ensure the highest possible return from the investment, with the greatest possible security. At the same time we motivate the owners to expand their companies.

  • 6

    The Investment Committee (IC) makes the conditional investment decision. We take a close look at every company individually and in the context of our investment portfolio.

  • 7

    We proceed with due dilligence research. We take the financial, legal, tax, commercial and technological aspects into consideration. Before investing – we have to be aware of every detail of the company’s activities.

  • 8

    IC makes the final decision. We negotiate and sign the term sheet.

  • 9

    We negotiate and sign the investment agreement.

  • 10

    We begin active support oraz stały monitoring and constant monitoring of operational and financial activities – to make sure that the investment is growing according to plan.