The support we offer to entrepreneurs is far greater than strictly financial one. We are tangibly committed to building successful companies, often appearing in person at, e.g., strategic workshops or the construction site of the new factory.

The ARIA Fund team is comprised of highly competent experts in different disciplines: strategy, finance, law, marketing, and communications. We also support networking, connecting entrepreneurs with corporations and industry experts.

This allows our team to understand the potential of companies trying not only to find a recipe for long-term success, but also for minimizing risk. It’s worth noting that we often have to deal with complicated situations, which can’t be found on financial statements. Our priority is to get to know and understand the stories and the people behind them.

We understand that it takes time to build a successful business. That’s why when we create business strategies for a company we do it together with the creators in a way that guarantees profits in the long term.

System 3E is a tech company that is revolutionizing the process of construction of single-family and terraced housing. The technology is based on a unique and patented Polish product – 3E elements – made of perlite, and often called the new generation ceramic, it allows the construction of jointless walls. In any weather conditions and in every climate zone. 365 days a year.

System 3E is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical. It speeds up construction, saves time and money. It does not require insulation. The System offers a comprehensive construction service of the so-called builder’s finish, based on original projects, guaranteeing the set price, due date, and quality.


Survicate is a tool which operates in a software as a service (SaaS) model and is used to collect information about clients and ideas for improving websites. Surveys can be distributed on websites and by e-mail and soon also in mobile applications.

Survicate users live in more than 70 different countries. The largest group of clients is located in the United States. For this reason, the international expansion is the natural direction for the development of the company. The clients of Survicate include such companies as T-Mobile, Nationale Nederlanden, WeWork or Pipedrive.

ARIA New Technologies FIZ AN fund invested in Survicate in 2017.


Livespace is a new generation CRM (customer relationship management) solution – a tool that increases the productivity of the sales teams. It helps to streamline the work of the sales team so that everyone knows what the next step towards securing an order is.

The tool assists the merchants in their systematic work by automating repetitive tasks. It tells them what actions to take, so they can focus on closing sales. Livespace is used by many companies, both in Poland and abroad, including companies representing financial, automotive, advertising, media and IT industries. The developers of Livespace assume further development of technology in automating sales processes, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

ARIA New Technologies FIZ AN fund invested in Livespace in 2017.